26 April 2012

Brides are spending more on cosmetic surgery to look good, than they are on their dress for the big day. According to latest figures, one in 10 women spent money on a cosmetic surgical procedure or non-surgical treatment in the run up to their wedding. Breast enlargement was cited as one of the most popular surgical procedures chosen by this group of people, while Botox topped the non-surgical treatments list. Brides make up 30 per cent of one clinic’s clientele, and cosmetic practitioner Antonia Mariconda believes she knows why.“People know they can buy a relatively inexpensive dress and accessorise it well, but there is no way to hide bad skin or teeth,” she said in an interview with The Metro. “You’ve got to live with your wedding album for the rest of your life,” she added.Line and wrinkle fillers, hand treatments and tooth veneers are the most popular treatments for brides-to-be, according to a survey by wedding site See original story here: