18 August 2010

New figures have suggested that an increasing number of women are choosing to have boob jobs in advance of their wedding day. It's also been found that brides-to-be are increasingly considering cosmetic treatments such as breast enlargements as investments.With the current popularity of large weddings, the bills for the big day can be hefty, and women are increasingly hoping to ensure that everything is perfect. This is a factor in the number of people choosing to go ahead and book procedures to improve their confidence and ensure they are feeling their best for the ceremony. While the number of women choosing cosmetic treatments before the big day outweighs the number of men by 75 per cent to 25, it has also been noted that wedding plans can influence a man's decision to go ahead with cosmetic surgery. Unlike women, who are mainly focused on treatments to slim line or improve their figures, men are typically looking for procedures such as rhinoplasty or surgery to correct sporting injuries. Liz Dale, the director of The Harley Medical Group, explained: "The big wedding is certainly in vogue in 2010, so pre-wedding procedures are right back on the agenda, with the lucky couples determined to have a picture perfect record of their special day. "With the average wedding costing nearly 20,000, patients see cosmetic procedures as a long term investment, with the effects of plastic surgery lasting well beyond the big day itself." Women considering breast surgery are advised to allow at least four to six months recovery time before their big day.