23 September 2008

A British cosmetic surgery expert has commented on the increasing number of patients requesting the removal of excess flesh beneath the armpit - an area that he has coined the 'bridesmaid's bulge'.

Dr Paul Cronin, a member of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, said: "Technically, it's the anterior ancillary fat pad, but I think the 'bridesmaid's bulge' is more catchy - it has certainly caught on here.

"We have all seen those wedding photos when the older bridesmaid's are forced to wear unflattering strapless dresses. That's when you notice these folds of flab sticking out at the sides, below their armpits. That's the bridesmaid's bulge."

Reportedly, women with this problematic condition have been asking to receive a form of liposuction that breaks down fat and lets it dissolve naturally in the body, a procedure known as Vaser Liposelection.

The bridesmaid's bulge is just the latest in a series of new cosmetic surgery treatments requested by patients worldwide.

Earlier this month, a new study from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found that liposuction can be used to give patients a 'back lift', a process that removes bulges from the lower and upper back, along the bra-line.

In addition, recent reports from cosmetic surgeons suggest that shoulder liposuction is set to be the next plastic surgery trend, as rising numbers of women desire thin shoulders similar to those of actress Keira Knightley and pop diva Madonna.

A recent study unveiled by the Harley Medical Group also highlighted the increasing use of liposuction on non-traditional problem areas, including under the arms and on the back.