22 October 2009

Burlesque shows are becoming more and more popular in the UK these days as ladies and men enjoy an evening of entertainment that celebrates the body. Normally these shows have a strip tease element these days, but a lot of the time they mix in a lot of comedy and entertaining short storylines or skits to make sure they appeal to lots of people. I've been to a few burlesque shows myself over the last few years and enjoyed them, but the thing that's really interesting me about burlesque these days is the way that some people are really taking parts of its philosophy on board. I think that one of the best things about burlesque is the way that it embraces all shapes and sizes, and maybe that's why so many women (and men) are not only going to shows but are also taking classes too! Burlesque classes are apparently a great way to boost your confidence as they show you that attractiveness is a state of mind in so many ways. That said, there are some stunning burlesque performers out there - look at Dita von Teese! Probably the most famous performer in the mainstream, Ms von Teese oozes confidence. Although maybe the breast enlargement she had at the start of her career helped give her the boost when she needed it most, the performer has exactly the kind of feisty attitude that epitomises the art form. If I needed any more proof that burlesque was well and truly making waves, the news that a new film (called Burlesque!) starring Christina Aguilera and Kristen Bell is on the cards will certainly do the trick. Christina, also rumoured to have had a breast augmentation and nose surgery, is the perfect sassy singer to take on such a role - and she's certainly a singer that doesn't lack in self-belief. I wonder if any of my friends would come along to a class with me - just to see what it's like!