12 October 2007

A PLASTIC surgery map of Britain shows we have gone nip-tuck crazy - just like the stars of the hit American TV show. Welsh women are desperate for boob jobs to be as curvy as new mum Charlotte Church, 21, but those in the south long to slim down. Scots love a facelift, while men in England are most likely to have droopy eyelids lifted. Demand for a bust boost soared to 150% above expectation at the opening of a new nip and tuck clinic in Cardiff. Geordie babes who would love to look like Girls Aloud singer, Cheryl Cole want boob jobs while their blokes go for eyelid surgery, according to the research. And it is the same in Birmingham. The girls in Nottingham go for bigger boobs too, but the fellas want to beat the flab with liposuction. Down in Southampton, liposuction accounts for more than a quarter of ops on women and nose jobs are top for men. But in Chelmsford, Essex, demand appears to be highest for non-surgical ops such as Botox and laser hair removal. For Edinburgh women the most popular choice is a facelift, while men get rid of bags round their eyes. But in Glasgow women follow Scots firebrand singer Lulu, 58, and plump for a fuller pout with collagen lip injections. But the men opt for getting their fat sucked out like Louis Theroux, 37, did in BBC2 earlier this week. In London, boobs are tops, with a string of celebs flocking to see Dr Saif Khan, who boosted the bust of Bianca Gascoigne from a C-cup to a curvy DD. And men in the capital like to shift their beer bellies with liposuction. Contact us today to book your free cosmetic surgical or non surgical consultation with one of highly qualified Nurses.