13 March 2012

Sue Johnston, star of television shows including British soap opera Brookside, BBC comedy The Royle Family and crime drama Waking the Dead, has admitted that she would consider having plastic surgery procedures. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Johnston said she'd like to think she would have cosmetic surgery and has "always wanted to sort out [her] nose and ugly, unshapely feet". However, the 68-year-old admitted she would be scared of having a procedure performed.According to the newspaper, the actress has now quit smoking for good. Johnston said she smoked all through her 20s before giving up for 12 years and then starting again. She stopped once more three years ago and said she feels "sure it's for good" this time. In terms of current vices, Johnston admitted one of her biggest is alcohol more specifically, wine. She said: "I worry about it: you can't get away from the messages about how bad it is for you. First it was smoking, now drinking." See original story here: