01 June 2012

Louise Hazel, the British heptathlete who will compete at this year's Olympic Games in London, has spoken of her highly competitive nature. The 26-year-old, who will take part along with Britain's Jessica Ennis in the heptathlon event, told the Metro newspaper how she prefers to do everything herself to make sure that she's satisfied.She said: "I was very competitive at school and was the dominant member of the team in most games. It's down to you, you're exposed. Even now, my coach thinks I'm a control freak." However, while the athlete isn't too keen to let others step in when it comes to her training, she has recognised the benefits of turning to a professional cosmetic clinic when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair. Louise has undergone a laser hair removal procedure to make sure that she looks her best on the track this summer. Writing on her website, Louise said: "As an athlete, remaining fuzz free is a necessity and is often an arduous task but now I can step out onto the track with confidence, the results have been amazing!" She added that she's keen to try and inspire the next generation of potential Olympic champions and encourage young women to make something of themselves. "We're the generation of Wags and that really upsets me," she said. "We want to send a message that you don't have to be in a pop group or be some footballer's girlfriend." See original article here: