12 October 2009

British plastic surgeons have observed a trend for ever larger breast implants being chosen by women undergoing cosmetic surgery in the UK.ITnews reports that the trend for larger breast enlargements has been observed by cosmetic surgeons working for The Firm. Surgeon Roy Ng states: "Seven years ago the average implant size women were asking for was about 240cc but today the average is between 270cc and 310cc. "This represents an average increase of between 15 and 25 per cent." According to Mr Ng, many patients initially express their desire for a natural breast enlargement, before then presenting photographs of large breasted women who have inspired their decision. While Mr Ng explains that "only a small proportion of patients" choose a significant breast enlargement, his findings have revealed that "the average size being demanded is definitely increasing." Patients choosing to undergo a breast enlargement are advised to seek implant sizes best suited to their figure, to avoid risks such as breast tissue damage and drooping caused by breasts that are too large. As surgeon Patrick Mallucci explains: "There is a very fine line between enhancement and distortion, and it's easy to cross that line. It's very important that people realise going too big can create an unnatural looking breast as well as distortion and long standing breast tissue damage. "Patients may not understand, before their consultation, that there may be a limit to the size that they can have without risking damaging the breasts." Mr Mallucci reminds patients that "[n]ot every implant will be appropriate for every individual," and explains: "We are trying to educate people that big is not best, it's about shape and is centred around the particular individual."