British women ‘think they look old at 45’, new study shows

British women ‘think they look old at 45’, new study shows

27 October 2014

Who here would have loved to have locked lips with the devilishly handsome Hugh Grant? Or even the swoon-worthy Colin Firth? While many of us would love to have this in common with Renee Zellweger following her infamous role as Bridget Jones, it appears that the only similarity many of us share with the Oscar-winning actress is: a third of women believe that they’re ‘old looking’ at 45, the same age as Zellweger.

According to a recent study, over half of women (52 per cent) highlighted 45 to be the age where they may use Botox or alternative injectables, while a further 28 per cent of women admitted that they would consider Cosmetic Surgery; such as Face Lifts.

A representative from the research stated: “It’s a common fear for the Bridget Jones generation to fear hitting their mid 40s, and at that point several women said they would take ‘drastic’ measures to turn back the beauty clock.

“Many said they worried about being seen as old, and getting lines and wrinkles but the fact is that if you look after your skin from your late teens with good Skin Care products, then there really is no need to fear turning 45.”

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