12 September 2008

If there's one thing Britney Spears has had recently, it's a hard time in the press. She first exploded onto our screens dressed as a school girl but she's done a lot of growing up since then - and we've heard all about her trials and tribulations along the way.

Her slot at this year's MTV Video Music Awards has given us all something new to talk about though - she looked stunning! Not only did she seem firmly back on form, unlike last year which I hate to admit was a little cringe-worthy, but she was stylishly dressed and sporting some beautiful hair extensions.

She's rumoured to have had a fair few cosmetic surgery treatments since hitting the limelight, from lip augmentations and rhinoplasty to boob jobs and liposuction, but the change to her appearance that caused the most controversy has got to be that infamous hair cut she gave herself. Lots of women, famous ones too, have shaved their heads for one reason or another. But for some reason, when Britney took the clippers to her scalp, it really struck a chord and told us something about the star we might not otherwise have realised.

But with three new MTV awards under her belt, as well as Video of the Year for Piece of Me, Britney may have finally managed to put the past firmly behind her and she might just be about to make a massive comeback. If she does, I'll be ready to welcome her with open arms - especially if the school girl outfit never makes another appearance.