19 January 2009

Pop star Britney Spears has bounced back and is in the midst of staging a comeback with a world tour for her new album Circus. And now Spears is the envy of women once again, with her face and figure being widely requested by cosmetic surgery patients in the US.The manager of a cosmetic surgery clinic in Beverly Hills said: "We've had three women in the past six weeks come in clutching very recent magazine photos of Britney." According to the Daily Star, one of the women requested liposuction in order to get a tum and torso that are sculpted to resemble 27-year-old Spears's. Another patient requested a nose reshaping to emulate Britney's, while another simply told her surgeon to "Make me look as close to her as possible." The cosmetic surgery clinic boss noted: "We felt only able to help one of those ladies and will be performing a rhinoplasty operation on her to give her a more slender nose. "It's impossible for anyone to turn out a string of Britney clones" In a recent survey of young women, Britney won 44 per cent of all votes when asked to name the star they'd most like to look like. Other responses included Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Aniston. After experiencing a troubled time in recent years, Britney has lost some weight and grew back her hair after shaving it off in 2007. But Britney doesn't appear to be fully satisfied with her body yet, and is rumoured to be considering a breast reduction surgery to help her fit into her old stage costumes during her tour.