09 September 2008

Britney Spears may have made the headlines for her MTV Video Music Awards triumph this week, but attention has also been turning towards the numerous cosmetic surgery procedures she has undergone in the past.

In 2007, Britney's performance at the MTV Video Awards was criticised for its lack of coordination, and many journalists and fans accused the star of being out of shape. This year, however, she returned to the stage with a freshly toned, rejuvenated body.

Some celebrity commentators believe that her new sparkling smile may be due to cosmetic dental work. It is also believed that last year she had lip injections to plump up her mouth, a procedure that is usually carried out using collagen or dermal fillers.

Speculation over Britney's plastic surgery has surrounded her since her first rise to fame. In 2004, the singer was widely believed to have had a breast enlargement and the fluctuating size of her chest has been a constant cause for discussion since. She is also said to have undergone rhinoplasty (nose surgery) during the early stages of her singing career.

According to celebrity plastic surgery news site, Make Me Heal, it is also suspected that Britney has undergone various forms of liposuction in the past. However, there are no reports that she has ever had a tummy tuck, even after her pregnancies.

Although it is not believed that Britney had any cosmetic surgery done immediately prior to the MTV Awards, it is clear that these procedures have helped to sculpt her body into the exemplary form it is in today.