15 August 2011

101356305Singer Britney Spears is rumoured to be getting cosmetic surgery in a bid to even out her breasts. The pop sensation, who was nominated for two awards for the video accompanying her latest single Till the world ends, is reported to be unhappy with the look of her breasts since giving birth to her two children. A source close to the singer told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: It's been bothering her for a while, especially since she saw pictures of herself with no bra and felt it was fairly noticeable.Her dad Jamie, who has control of her finances, has reluctantly agreed because Britney explained that the procedure would boost her confidence. She said she doesn't care what other people think so much but it's something she'd like to change. She said if she looks better on the outside then she feels better inside. The same source also revealed that Jamie Spears had agreed to release 10,000 for breast surgery on the condition that his daughter sought professional medical advice and counselling in advance.