07 May 2010

Blonde 1970s bombshell Britt Ekland is still looking great in her late sixties, and says she owes much of it to cosmetic surgery, which has helped her hold back the years."I think cosmetic surgery is terrific," the former Bond Girl ecstatically told WalesOnline, in a frank interview about her much-discussed personal life. "Ive had bits and pieces done. I had very outstanding ears and had them pinned back in my 40s," she continued. The actress also made the headlines in 2008 after plumping up her pout with collagen injections, and said she is likely to consider more treatments in the future. "Cosmetic surgery is a very personal thing, its almost like talking about your underwear," said Britt, who is a strong proponent of plastic surgery as a means for older women to effectively turn back the clock. "At my age, you really have the right to go out and pull your skin up," she explained, noting that there is a much wider range of treatments available now than when she was young. Despite appearing in such notable seventies films as The Wicker Man and 007 flick The Man With the Golden Gun, Britt Ekland is as famous for her personal life as she is her film career, having a whirlwind romance with Peter Sellers followed by a two-year relationship with rocker Rod Stewart. The Swedish-born star is now debuting a new one-woman show in Wales, where she will answer audience questions about all aspects of her candid personal life.