02 December 2013

stk212525rkeThe number of men choosing to undergo anti-ageing treatments is on the rise. According to the Daily Mail, male Botox patients have tripled since 2011, with an increase of 25 per cent in the number of males choosing to have the Line and Wrinkle treatment administered in 2013. And its not just the general public either many male celebrities are also turning to the treatment in a bid to shave the years off. Both Simon Cowell and X-Factor star Rylan Clark have admitted to using treatment for Line and Wrinkle reduction.Speaking on the matter, one Cosmetic Surgeon says: Men used to book appointments first thing in the morning or late at night so there was no risk of being faced with a waiting room with other people. Now however, the Cosmetic Surgeon claims that he sees male patients during peak hours, at lunch time or during the afternoon. With workers under increased pressure to achieve more these days, the rise in men undergoing anti-ageing treatments is reportedly due to their wish to look calmer and less stressed. He adds: The priority for a lot of men is to look subtly younger by removing or reducing the visibility of lines around the eyes, forehead and mouth.