12 September 2012

An increasing number of males in Australia are coming around to the idea of using non-invasive line and wrinkle treatments to keep them looking fresh-faced and youthful. According to a report by the Courier & Mail newspaper, the practice, which was once frowned upon by many men, has become far more widely accepted and now even has its own moniker – brotox.The Ella Bache salon in Ipswich, South East Queensland, is set to start offering Botox injections from September 22, and according to the business, five men are already on the waiting list. Salon manager Laura Hooper told the newspaper: "The stigma of men having Botox is not what it used to be and it's becoming more popular with the males. "One guy in his late 20s said he felt his face looked angry and he wants to look friendlier. Another man in his early 30s, a more metrosexual type of guy, wants a smoother face. We also have a couple of men in their 50s on the books." And while many men opt to have the treatment for cosmetic reasons, others are turning to Botox to treat medical conditions. "There are plenty of other reasons to have Botox," Hooper added. "It can help with migraines and stop excessive sweating." See original article here: