24 May 2012

Medical researchers have suggested that facial surgery such as forehead lifts could benefit migraine sufferers. In the UK, one in four women and one in 12 men are believed to suffer from migraines, a severe form of headache which usually results in a throbbing pain at the front of the head or on one side.A study carried out in America has claimed that a form of cosmetic surgery may be the answer for some sufferers. Researchers chose a selection of migraine sufferers at random who underwent surgery, during which they received a forehead lift and had nerve tissue or migraine-related muscle removed. According to an article published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal, 92 per cent of the people who had the procedure said their migraines went away. Dr Miller, a New Jersey plastic surgeon who specialises in facial lift and liposuction procedures, said: "Forehead lifts tend to be more affordable than facelifts, not to mention the fact that they produce great results. "A forehead lift may be the answer to patients' migraine or skin problems, so they should speak with a plastic surgeon if they are interested in undergoing such a procedure." See original story here: