22 December 2008

Treatments which reduce pigmentation & age spots are very popular as this does tend to age the skin.  This is an advanced cream which reverses these signs of skin damage & promotes clear skin

An advanced skin lightening cream incorporating botanical extracts including mulberry, which is renowned for its effective skin lightening properties.

Hard working botanical extracts help to brighten skin colour and reduce age spots and melanin production, whilst the Vitamin E and stable Vitamin C, both powerful anti-oxidants, help promote collagen formation. 

Size: 50ml

Save 70% Was £49.00



Apply a small amount of the product twice daily to discoloured areas of the skin. For best results continue use for 4 weeks. Sun protection there after. 


Key Ingredients:

Brassica Napus Extract - Clincally proven to lighten skin colour and reduces age spots

Mulberry - Plant extract with amazing skin lightening effects

Beta-Glucan - Clinically proven to stimulate fibroblasts and promote the immune defences to clear damaged cells and reduce the signs of ageing

Vitamin E - Powerful anti-oxidant with healing and soothing properties

Vitamin C - Anti-oxidant, skin brightener and stimulates fibroblasts

Silicone - smooth & silky texture