23 February 2009

An increasing number of businessmen are choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery to give them an extra edge in their career. The men are choosing non-surgical procedures like Botox and dermal fillers in order to improve their careers, according to an article in the Financial Times. Cosmetic surgeons told the newspaper that they've noticed an increase in the number of businessmen looking for cosmetic procedures. A surgeon in New York City told the newspaper: "There are definitely more business guys coming in and they have very focused demands... They are worried about their job futures and their professional longevity." One businessman, a 25-year-old engineer for Rolls-Royce, went to a cosmetic surgery clinic to have a laser treatment on scars beneath his eyes. He said: "If you don't look after yourself it shows that you've got no discipline and that doesn't reflect well on your work life. "I've thought that if after lots of late nights working for Rolls-Royce I start to look tired, then I'd probably have an eye lift." Businessman Peter Burling also told the newspaper that he thinks it's important to look "fresh and bright." Mr Burling chooses to have Botox injections every six months and believes that he performs better in his business when he feels confident. He added that the treatments: "...may have increased the number of contracts we have won." The Financial Times also spoke to a cosmetic surgery office who added that they've noticed that a number of businessmen who have been made redundant are using their severance pay to fund their cosmetic procedures.