Busy Cosmetic Specialist reveals why he turns down some patients

06 February 2014

Surgeons working togetherA Doctor who performs Cosmetic Surgical procedures at clinics in London and Paris has divulged for the first time why he has earned the nickname 'Dr No'. He says that he rejects some patients' requests for Cosmetic Surgery on the grounds that he considers that they do not need the procedure they have come to his clinic to request. "When I see that the patient needs surgery of any kind I do it without hesitation," the Doctor says."But when I see that he or she does not need an operation, I apologise and advise him or her to see another doctor who will perform it. "When there is a real need, the practical result will be better," he adds in an interview with Indian newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat. He goes on to voice his strong opposition to what he calls "the frozen look, which erases facial expressions completely and makes one's face look, in his opinion, like a wax statue". At the heart of all these considerations, the doctor concludes, is the preservation or enhancement of natural beauty. "I believe in natural beauty, which does represent a contradiction because I perform facelifts, but my philosophy is based on surgical and non-surgical procedures that retain the patient’s original facial features . . . It is very important to work in a way that complements each patient individually based on customs or other considerations," he says. Indeed, all patients should be aware of the importance of natural-looking Cosmetic Surgery. During initial consultations, patients will generally be advised on the best procedure or treatment to achieve optimum but realistic results. What’s your opinion – should Doctors be allowed to turn patients away? Or should every patient have the right to undergo the treatment or Cosmetic Surgery of their choosing?