05 October 2012

Cosmetic surgery patients who opt to have a buttock augmentation are more likely to be satisfied if they receive an implant, as opposed to having a fat transfer procedure.That's according to research carried out by cosmetic surgery professionals at the Chugay Cosmetic Surgery Institute in Long Beach, California.Experts looked at the cases of 129 patients, 33 of whom had undergone an operation involving fat transfer and stem cell therapy. The other 96 chose to have a silicone prosthesis inserted into their buttocks. The researchers hoped to learn whether one particular procedure was considered by patients to be more effective. The results revealed that 76 per cent of patients who opted to have implants were satisfied with their treatment, compared to 69.7 per cent who chose to undergo the fat transfer option. The researchers also found that people who'd had implants fitted were more likely to experience a fluid build-up, where as those who'd had fat transfer operations were more susceptible to developing lumps or dents following surgery. "Although fat grafting for buttock augmentation is rising in popularity among surgeons, its results are not as consistent as those seen with buttock implant augmentation," the authors said. However, they concluded that both procedures had benefits and risks associated with them. See original article here: