10 June 2014

With celebrities setting trends for a number of different fashion statements and hairstyles, it wasnt long until there was another type of trend to take the world by storm the hugely popular Butt Implant procedure.Over the past two years, this cosmetic craze has seen a huge 484 per cent rise in enquiries for the butt-enhancing procedure; after the much-admired derrires of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Rihanna inspired Britain to follow suit in the footsteps (booties?) of their favourite stars. The procedure involves the use of silicon implants (similar to breast implants) which are then inserted into each buttock for a plumper, fuller backside. However, getting the perfect posterior comes at a price with the average procedure costing 4,296 in the UK. Meanwhile, Brazil is proving a popular hit for internet searches this summer and not just for football, as an influx of enquiries for the Brazilian butt lift procedure has resulted in this figure doubling in the past year. Also known as buttock augmentation, while this may give your bottom a much-needed boost, be prepared to part with more than 4,000 for the butt lift. From Beyoncs bootylicious look to Pippa Middletons defined behind, which celebrity do you think showcases the best bottom? Post your opinions on Facebook today!