Calling all men! It's time to wise up to the cosmetic surgery world

26 November 2008

It's been clear to me for a while that men are slowly waking up to the benefits that even the simplest of cosmetic procedures can have. It's not just young, metrosexual males either - last week, a survey showed that men aged 45 to 65 years also favoured surgery, rhinoplasty and otoplasty (ear reshaping) in particular.

So I'm really glad to hear that Channel 4 is set to screen a new cosmetic surgery makeover show for men, dubbed Extreme Male Beauty. After the success of their other great makeover shows, like 10 Years Younger, Super Botox Me and How to Look Good Naked, I'm convinced that Channel 4 is getting it right when it comes to showing women how to feel more confident and comfortable with their bodies - and it's about time that men got in on the act too!

But not all men are as forward thinking as their buddies in the know. Earlier this week, we found out that one in five men would like their wives to have plastic surgery, but three quarters of them said that they would never undergo surgery themselves.

First of all, that opinion kind of offended me because it's always going to be your body, and while you may want to take the opinion of your partners into consideration the choice is always going to be yours alone.

Secondly, I'd really like to show the guys who said they wouldn't undergo surgery the physical and personal advantages that it can bring - especially if you're unhappy with your shape. There are plenty of guys that get it, the rising numbers of men undergoing male chest reductions proves that!. Retreating to the old stereotype that men simply don't have surgery is so out of touch, and I hope that Channel 4's Extreme Male Beauty does its best to help reverse these attitudes.