11 October 2010

The Daily Mail reports that starlet Cameron Diaz has been spotted with a newly plumped face, prompting speculation the actress may have turned to non surgical cosmetic treatments in a bid to maintain her youthful good looks. Noting that plump cheeks and smooth skin are indicators of fertility, the publication reported that older celebrities feel the need to turn to cosmetic surgery in order to look young and to keep working - especially as younger singers and actresses break through and become stars, rivalling their ageing counterparts. "There is a massive pressure on women - especially famous women - to continue to look as young as possible these days," columnist Lucy Cavendish said. Explaining that fellow screen-stars including Nicole Kidman and Daryl Hannah are thought to have turned to line and wrinkle filling treatments and plastic surgery procedures, the newspaper reasons Diaz may have used facial fillers including Botox. Though it may be the former Charlie's Angel is taking her lead from Hollywood's leading men, instead of Tinseltown's leading ladies, following speculation that Cameron's Knight and Day co-star, Tom Cruise has also indulged in wrinkle-erasing treatments. Whilst the star has never openly admitted to using Botox or any other wrinkle-erasing non surgical solutions, the Daily Mail earlier said: "Tom Cruise doesn't look a day over 35 - even though he's nearing 50 years old," continuing: "With Botox being the staple for many Hollywood stars to keep wrinkles and lines at bay, it would not be surprising if the actor had indulged himself."