Cameron Diaz saves up for boob job in latest film

23 February 2011

This summer will see the release of Bad Teacher, a film starring Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake, in which Diaz decides to become good at her job so she can save up for a boob job. In the comedy, Diaz plays a foul-mouthed high school teacher who hates her job and so spends her time getting drunk. After being dumped by her fiancť and sugar daddy, she decides to woo a colleague (Timberlake) who, needless to say, isnít short of cash either. But the moves see her put in direct competition with a well-loved teacher in a plot that is bound to be hilarious. In real life Diaz has reportedly had a nose job (rhinoplasty) to correct breathing problems, having broken her nose several times. However, in June last year she told Vogue that while she hadnít undergone any cosmetic surgery so far, it is not something she would rule out in the future.