09 January 2014

Woman well wrapped up against coldWinter months can bring seasonal discomfort for sufferers of Rosacea and in Canada, where there are an estimated two million sufferers from a population of 35 million, coupled with plenty of cold weather, there is currently considerable debate over how the condition can be countered. So Janna Stam, a women's health expert who writes for Toronto news website Troymedia.com, has put together a list of tips for helping to manage its symptoms. "Managing Rosacea symptoms over the winter holidays is challenging even for those with mild symptoms," she writes.Often diagnosed as mild acne, the condition can manifest itself in symptoms such as occasional facial flushing and redness, the appearance of pimple-like bumps often mistaken for acne or even, in the most severe cases, thickened nasal skin tissue, known medically as Rhinophyma. Some women are recommended to take extra therapy or medication during their cycle and through the menopause, Stam notes. However, there are proven ways in which a Cosmetic Surgeon can help sufferers too, with food and drug regulators having licensed the use of Isolaz Laser Rejuvenation treatment for the purpose. This can achieve positive results in treating a range of conditions, including, apart from Rosacea, acne, blotchy and uneven skin pigmentation, and freckles. From a non-surgical point of view, Stam also lists a number of ways in which Rosacea sufferers can mitigate the onset of the condition, by avoiding certain situations which leave them more susceptible to outbreaks. Such situations, Stam says, include increased stress, higher than usual consumption of alcohol or hot drinks, and, most commonly at this time of year, regularly moving between hot and cold environments.