21 August 2013

Men and women sunbathingCancer Research UK has unveiled research which suggests that skin cancer is far more dangerous for men than women. It has just published details of a study which found that a combination of mens' reluctance to seek help and biological factors might be to blame. Dr Julia Newton-Bishop, a dermatologist working for Cancer Research UK, believes the disparity may be due to women having stronger immune systems.She told the BBC: "The difference between the sexes could be in part because men are more likely to be diagnosed when melanoma is at a more advanced stage." She added: "Stage for stage, men do less well with this cancer so there's something very important that this is telling us about how the body deals with it." And she suggested that late diagnoses could be tackled if men asked their partners to examine their backs more regularly. Cases of male melanomas are now five times higher than 30 years ago, Cancer Research UK has found, with the main causes said to be excessive sun exposure and the increased use of sunbeds.