21 January 2011

A cancer patient has told doctors at a cosmetic surgery clinic in Claremont, USA, that having dermal fillers has restored her self-confidence. Having undergone the non-surgical treatment, the patient, referred to only as Vickie, told her cosmetic physician Dr Alana Rowick: I feel back to my old self. Vickie described how the treatment for cancer had caused significant weight loss, which in turn had left her looking old and haggard. When asked whether or not she would recommend such procedures to other cancer patients, the 46-year-old said: Most definitely. After months of feeling like a social outcast, I went to a Melbourne Cup lunch with the girls...I had the best day Id had for a long time I felt like a million dollars. You cannot put a price on how you feel. Dr Rowick, who treats large numbers of cancer patients at her clinic, talked extensively of the positive emotional, as well as physical, changes that she sees in her clients, and of the strong links between the way you look and the way you feel.