26 August 2009

A rising number of people have found that the ankle is an area with hard to remove fat deposits and have begun searching for a solution. Dubbed "cankles", the problem of fat or un-shapely ankles are plaguing some body-conscious individuals and the term has truly entered the lexicon of popular culture. ABC News reports that L.A based celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza said that "Cankles have become true pop culture punch line." She cited references cankles in popular American television series such as Weeds, Friends and Saturday Night Live to support her claims. As the cankle issue sweeps the public consciousness, a number are turning to cosmetic surgery to alleviate the problem. Liposuction is a popular choice for those hoping to add definition to the area between their calf and ankle. According to CNN, personal trainer Jeff Timmons said that many of his clients came to him asking for a solution to their cankles. He said: "Sure, if you're heavy, you're going to have heavy ankles, so losing weight will make a difference." "But to be honest, most of my clients who want to get rid of their cankles are already in pretty good shape." Last year it was found that liposuction procedures had increased by 9 per cent in the UK and that this growth was in part fuelled by a new group of women opting to have their cankles addressed. A number of cosmetic surgery procedures that aim to alleviate the discomfort and disfigurement caused by excessive use of high heels are also proving popular among women.