03 June 2009

A recent study has suggested that while intelligence is instrumental in securing a successful career, good looks can also play a part in clinching promotions or pay rises. The research, published in the American Psychological Association's Journal of Applied Psychology, questioned a group of 191 people aged between 25 to 75 years on topics ranging from income to levels of confidence and educational achievement. WAToday reports that respondents were also required to undergo intelligence tests and their attractiveness was measured by the study team.Researchers found that physical attractiveness had a considerable impact on how much the subjects were paid. This phenomenon, dubbed the 'Brangelina effect' in reference to the success of Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, indicates that good looks impact the way that job candidates are perceived as well as their own self confidence. The results of the study support recent research suggesting that the recession has affected cosmetic surgery pick-up rates as an increased number of city workers rejuvenate their appearance in the hope of bettering their position in the job market. This has reportedly resulted in a boom for male cosmetic surgery in particular and the increase has been identified in both the US and the UK. However, according to the study, a combination of good looks, confidence and intelligence is the most advantageous blend when it comes to employment opportunities. It stated: "It turns out that the brainy are not necessarily at a disadvantage to the beautiful, and if one possess both intelligence and good looks, then all the better."