10 June 2011

dv1827003Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez has said that he would never have cosmetic surgery to cover up his neck scars. Tevez’s scars are the result of an accident he had at just 10 months old. The young Tevez pulled a kettle off a work surface and covered himself in boiling water, leaving him with horrendous burns which led to a two-month stint in intensive care. He survived the incident and went on to become a world-renowned footballer and a legend in his hometown of Fuerte Apache, said to be one of the most dangerous cities in the world. The footballer, who is originally from Buenos Aries, is not against the principle of cosmetic surgery but has revealed that he feels that the scars are a part of him and represent a defining moment in his life. “It was a defining experience,” he told the Daily Mail. “It marked me for life. I won’t have plastic surgery. You either take me as I am or you don’t. I don’t change the way I am.”