17 February 2010

A 20-year-old Brazilian woman who was expelled from Sao Paulo's Bandeirante University for wearing a 'provocative' miniskirt to lectures has had the last laugh by leading the city's prestigious carnival as queen, helped by a recent makeover with cosmetic surgery.The Rio carnival queen reportedly had four plastic surgery procedures to look her best for the big event, including liposuction, breast augmentation and buttock tweaks. According to Reuters, these are common procedures for carnival queens, who have the chance to shine at one of the South American city's most high-profile events. Geisy Arruda said her costume was inspired by Queen Elizabeth I, but also based on the miniskirt that originally led to the outrage and won her worldwide acclaim. She described the costume as "a combination of Geisy and Queen Elizabeth," and also said: "I confess, Im a vain girl - and the changes Ive made have given me the confidence to dance here." Geisy was escorted from the University premises last October for wearing what fellow students considered to be inadequate attire, and was subsequently expelled from the establishment for apparently demonstrating a "flagrant lack of respect for ethical principles, academic dignity and morality." She was later readmitted, but the incident had already made her a national celebrity in Brazil. Looking back on the event, Geisy said: "What happened to me really shook people. People identified with me and have been really kind. This has made me much stronger."