07 July 2007

Read Emma's case file on her Breast augmentation procedure Name: Emma Ryan Age: 27 Occupation: Recruitment consultant Where from: Nottingham Surgical procedure: Breast augmentation Time it takes: 1-2 hours

Brand New You 'Case Files'

Choose it if: Your breasts are unbalanced. Emma had piled on weight during a bad relationship and hid her body away under baggy jumpers and jeans. Eventually the relationship ended and she started kick-boxing classes in a bid to regain her confidence and tone up. However, this weight loss also meant that she lost weight from her breasts and noticed how they became increasingly more uneven! She attended a bra fitting at a department store and the assistant made a nasty comment about how uneven her boobs were; she decided then that she would have her breasts enlarged and took a picture of Hollywood star Jessica Alba to her surgeon and said these were the breasts she wanted! Recovery time: Following the surgery you will have stitches (these may be dissolvable), and will be covered with a dressing and a sports bra. You will be advised to have your stitches removed, if applicable, seven days after your operation, or in accordance with your surgeon's instructions, and will need to continue to wear the sports bra 24 hours a day for up to three months. Lasting results: The Department of Health advise that breast implants do not come with a lifetime guarantee and they are likely to need replacing with the consequence of further surgery and expense. Price: From �4,250 Where: The Harley Medical Group Verdict: Emma is overjoyed with the results. She says it has given her a huge confidence boost, but she knows that she had the surgery for herself. She doesn't show her body off in small tops or dresses, but couldn't be happier - she no longer has to look down and see wonky breasts and she can be sure that she won't receive nasty comments at any more bra fittings.

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