13 January 2010

Cat Deeley has revealed that she isn't ruling out cosmetic surgery to hold on to her youthful looks. The 33-year-old host of new reality show So You Think You Can Dance told OK! Magazine that she is happy with her appearance, but would consider plastic surgery further down the line, saying there is "no stigma attached" to surgery in the United States.Discussing the idea of surgery, Cat said: "I dont know. So far Ive been lucky. Ive got quite nice skin and Im ageing well ? touch wood! Ask me in 30 years, and I may say something totally different. "What if in 30 years everyones doing it and I look like some old bag? And what if my nice smile has fallen, and Im slightly balding with varicose veins?!" However, the Birmingham-born star also revealed that she has body hang-ups like anyone else - but is reluctant to divulge them in case she draws attention to a flaw others might not have spotted. She explained: "Ive got as many as the next person, but I never tell anyone what they are. Most of it is in your head, so if you dont tell people, they dont notice. "I like that I smile a lot and that Ive got nice teeth ? theyre all my own, too! Ive never had whitening, or anything like that." Cat has previously stated that she will not have a nose job to fix her crooked nose, but she could be looking into procedures to hold back the years.