Catherine Zeta Jones rumoured to have had Botox and Dermal Fillers

13 January 2015

She always been beautiful but when she turned up at the Golden Globes this year, actress Catherine Zeta Jones looked a little different. It’s been 17 years since she first hit the big screen starring in The Mask of Zorro but Catherine doesn’t look as though she’s aged a day.

The changes to her appearance are subtle, hinting that she may have undergone a series of cosmetic treatments to keep her youth. Two Cosmetic Surgeons share their views on the matter:

“To have maintained her looks, I would say she’s been a regular user of non surgical treatments for many years.

“Her cheeks are prominent suggesting she’s had some type of temporary dermal fillers injected into this area – they look very full, defined and high. This is a great treatment for women of Catherine’s age and adds volume and fullness to the face.”

Catherine’s line-free forehead indicates regular use of Botox while her flawless complexion suggests she may be a fan of Skin Peels and Laser treatments.

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