21 January 2014

57282005Mystery still shrouds the causes of Thread Veins, but a British skincare expert says it's likely that hormonal factors play a major part in making some women more susceptible to them. Dr John English from Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham, notes that women who are pregnant, taking the Pill, or undergoing hormone replacement therapy all experience a rise in hormone levels which make them prone to developing the condition. "Female hormones like oestrogen encourage blood vessel growth, so women may be more susceptible," Dr English says.He also tells The Mail Online that there is a strong genetic factor to the condition, while both obesity and excessive sun exposure also play a part, along with having a job which entails standing for long periods. To counteract any of these contributory factors, Doctors recommend eating foods containing vitamins C, E and K. The first helps the body's ability to produce skin-protecting collagen, the second can strengthen the capillaries which can prevent thread veins, and the last, found in green, leafy vegetables and milk, helps the blood to clot. Two major techniques however are used to help eradicate Thread Veins, both of which have long records of achieving success. Sclerotherapy directly targets the veins with a glycerine solution which is injected directly into the blood vessels, causing them to perish and disappear over a course of treatments, while YAG Laser treatments can remove veins 1-3mm in size, with a course of three treatments usually required for the best results.