10 September 2009

The departure of popular star Lauren Conrad from reality TV hit The Hills has drawn greater attention to the cosmetic surgery procedures that seem to be a requirement for women wishing to get close to the TV stars.Lauren's own cosmetic surgery history has long been a source of debate. Talking to Make Me Heal, surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif stated: "After looking at several photos of Lauren Conrad, it does seem that in some photos her nose looks smaller and a little pinched. It looks as if she has a little asymmetry in her nasal dorsum and her nasal tip appears to be a little smaller. Her nose appears to look a little bit bulbous in one photo. So I think she might possibly have had a slight rhinoplasty, a very soft rhinoplasty." The Plastic Surgery Channel reports that Lauren will be replaced by former Laguna Beach co-star Kristin Cavallari, an infamous "frienemy" of LC's since their high school days. Kristin's arrival signals yet another star of the show that experts either believe or strongly suspect to have undergone cosmetic surgery procedures. Some are more open about their cosmetic history than others, in particular Lauren's former best friend Heidi Montag-Pratt who is always eager to discuss her procedures. The Hills outcast, who recently had a "frienaissance" with Lauren, has revealed that her nose job and breast augmentation procedures have helped improve her self-esteem. Heidi told People magazine: "Im not ashamed of what I do in my life. Its not like lets get plastic surgery for fun, it was something that was really painful and tormenting for me throughout my life." Other members of the cast who experts believe to have gone under the knife include brunette Audrina Partridge, who is thought to have had breast implants.