25 September 2009

The increasing number of celebrities choosing breast reduction surgery has been declared a trend, as ever more public figures are choosing to downsize their breasts with cosmetic surgery to achieve a more natural appearance.Although breast enlargements are still one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, with celebrities from Heidi Montag to Pamela Anderson increasing their breast size, the Orange County Register has observed a growing trend of women choosing breast reductions. With Victoria Beckham, Sharon Osbourne, Tara Reid and Denise Richards all recently undergoing breast reduction procedures to join the ranks of Drew Barrymore, Patricia Heaton and Queen Latifah, who underwent surgery in previous years, breast reduction surgery is certainly growing in popularity among women wishing to achieve a more natural appearance. Singer Kelly Osbourne has also expressed her desire to reduce her breast size before her marriage to model Luke Worrall next year.Ulrika Jonsson's breast reduction to downsize her breasts following pregnancy has inspired many women to follow her lead, and some cosmetic surgeons and analysts are developing theories of their own. Beverly Hills surgeon Dr. Nicholas R. Nikolov believes the breast reduction trend to be related to the global economic downturn, observing: "Over the last few years the trend has been towards more modest-size implants for breast augmentations. "Larger breasts are no longer perceived as attractive. "During challenging economic times people are less likely to turn to flashy cars, wear expensive jewellery, or fly private. Just the same, augmentations resulting in conspicuous large breasts are less popular." Many women are citing comfort as the key reason for their breast reductions, attaining a cup size more suited to their figure.