19 November 2009

Cosmetic surgery for men is becoming increasingly popular, with more British men being open to procedures than ever before and many citing a celebrity influence behind their decision.A recent study of 3,015 men conducted by The Good Surgeon Guide found that the number of British men undergoing cosmetic surgery has risen by 82 per cent since January 2009. 64 per cent of respondents agreed that their opinions of surgery had been swayed by the number of celebrity men undergoing surgery, with Gordon Ramsay's frank use of cosmetic surgery setting a lead that they could follow. The Good Surgeon Guide survey found that men in London, Cardiff and Swindon were the most open to plastic surgery in the UK, with 21 per cent stating that they would consider using Botox or dermal fillers to smooth out their skin. Cosmetic surgery was also found to be most popular among men aged between 20 and 35. The Guide's co-founder, Christiana Clogg, explained: "Celebrity men are popping up everywhere talking about their procedures. The shame that once accompanied men having the likes of Botox is rapidly disappearing; men are now planning it for their futures and openly talking about it. "The Metrosexual man became a common breed over a decade ago, starting with simple skin care such as moisturising; something women had been previously doing for years. Once this started it was only a matter of time before men caught up with women entirely, and started to take more pride in their appearance."