15 January 2014

bra sizeActress and Celebrity Big Brother contestant Jasmine Waltz has insisted that the only Cosmetic Surgery she has undergone is a Breast Reduction despite a national newspaper contesting that her looks have changed significantly during her decade-long career. The Daily Mail notes this morning that recent pictures of Ms Waltz whose stay in the CBB house seems to have sparked a romance with former member of boyband Blue, Lee Ryan show evidence that she may have had injectable Fillers, a view supported by a Cosmetic Surgeon to whom the paper spoke.He said: "Jasmine has a good, basic facial structure. She's changed her eyebrow shape which can make a difference to the face, but I speculate she's had fillers in her lips and cheeks to accentuate her existing features." But that didn't stop the Mail intimating that the bridge of Ms Waltz's nose "now looks significantly thinner" than in pictures it published from 2004.