17 January 2012

Irish glamour model Georgia Salpa, who is currently in the Celebrity Big Brother house, has revealed that she wants to undergo cosmetic surgery to alter two facial features her lips and her nose.In a conversation with fellow celebrity housemates, Salpa admitted that she would love to have bigger lips and a smaller nose and would consider having cosmetic surgery to achieve these. Fellow housemates insisted that she didnt need either facial feature altering. Nicola Mclean said: Do you know what, Georgia, and I'm not going to lie, you have a beautiful, beautiful face. Trust me when I say, you are stunning. Salpa is also sharing the house with former star of The Only Way Is Essex Kirk Norcross, who had nose reshaping surgery last year. Norcross has admitted that he likes Salpa and the pair look the most likely to start a romance in the house.