Celebrity Kim Kardashian reveals cosmetic surgery plans

18 May 2009

Celebrity and style icon Kim Kardashian has revealed that she will "definitely" get cosmetic surgery when she is older. The 28-year-old reality TV star has long been the subject of unconfirmed breast augmentation rumours. However, she has now acknowledged that she may need a boob job if she ever had children in the future.Speaking to Usmagazine.com at Maxim's 10th annual Hot 100 party in Santa Monica, California, Kim said: "I am down for it [cosmetic surgery]. One day I will definitely get it. "I would probably get my boobs done after I have kids. I think every woman needs a good lift after they have kids, so I would start with that." She added: "You never know what I would need - it depends on what I would look like when I get older. But I would definitely do something." In the past, some surgeons have also speculated that Kim may have had a buttock augmentation and dermal fillers to plump up her lips. However, she has denied undergoing any cosmetic surgery procedures to date. On the other hand, Kim's step-father - former Olympian Bruce Jenner - hit headlines last week for having a second facelift after he was unhappy with his first procedure, which took place around 25 years ago. His step daughters - all of whom feature on popular E! reality TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians - have expressed support for his decision. Kim said, "He looks 10 years younger," and sister Kourtney echoed, "It looks amazing!"