21 January 2014

Woman applying face creamA Dermatologist who counts TV personalities of the magnitude of Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres among his clients has outlined 10 mistakes women aged 50 and over make in their skincare regimes. Dr Harold Lancer has given an interview to American website Aarp.org, which offers news and advice to the over-50s in which he outlines these errors. They include, he says, expecting to find the secret to long-lasting youthful looks in a jar. "The most important skin de-ager is consistent exfoliation speeding cellular turnover so the skin begins to repair itself and becomes in fact 'younger' due to renewal," Dr Lancer says. The most effective exfoliating treatments are Medical Microdermabrasion or for a more penetrative result try Dermaroller.He also says many people ignore that ageing is affected by multiple factors, including diet, exercise and the amount of sleep we get. In the same vein, he also recommends avoiding TVs or computer screens in the hour before bed, as this will help the body fall more quickly into the deep sleep required for the restorative process to take place. He too stresses the importance of regular applications of sunscreen protection, calling it "your simplest, most effective anti-aging tool". Dr Lancer concludes Following a diet built around unprocessed foods, managing stress and expectation levels, and striving for happiness and positivity will mean your inner radiance will show in your skin and body. When you feel healthy, you look healthy."