03 December 2012

A plastic surgeon has given his opinion on the plastic surgery he believes Sophia Loren has undergone to retain her youthful looks. According to celebrity surgeon Dr Anthony Youn, the Italian actress has spent around $64,000 (£40,000) on various treatments to stay looking as young as possible.Speaking to Rader Online, he explained that although her lips are plump, she does not have a ‘trout pout’ like many other celebs. This means she has probably had injectable fillers put in her lips. Listing some other treatments he believes Loren has undergone, Dr Youn said: “Fat injections to her cheeks ... an upper and lower eyelid lift ... laser treatments and chemical peels ... possible Botox in her forehead." He added: “Her jawline is unusually sharp for an octogenarian.” Loren’s breakthrough role was in The Gold of Naples in 1954 and she went on to win a Golden Globe, a Grammy, a BAFTA and a Laurel Award, as well as receiving the Cecil B DeMille award for lifetime achievements.