Celebs dish the dirt on their Acne

3 April 2015

We’re used to seeing celebrities looking nothing less than flawless, but even famous people get their fair share of skin problems. Now, some familiar faces have dished the dirt on their Acne.

The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco suffered from Acne during her teenage years, saying “it made me feel so insecure to be on camera – not a good thing when you are on a television series.”

The beautiful Keira Knightley always looks stunning but admitted she gets “incredibly self-conscious about the fact I get bad skin.”

Poor Salma Hayek once had such a bad bout of Acne that it sent her into a depression. She said: “It sent me into a severe, severe depression. Like I couldn’t leave the house.”

Cameron Diaz is no stranger to the odd bout of Acne, but not anymore thanks to her regular Medical Microdermabrasion treatments and Skin Peels.

Scarlett Johansson also suffered from Acne during her teens but now she says she never goes to bed without taking her makeup off and cleans her makeup brushes every week to prevent unwanted breakouts.

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Image Credit Attribution: milarka/iStock/Thinkstock