Cellulose touted as new Anti-Ageing solution

28 March 2015

It’s the substance found in plants and trees which helps to keep them upright – but now cellulose has been touted as an effective Anti-Ageing solution, with some experts claiming its benefits outweigh those of essential vitamins C and E.

So how does it work? Cellulose works by neutralising the work of ageing free radicals, penetrating the skin deeper than most vitamins.

According to one Dermatologist, “It doesn’t protect against free radicals in the way vital oils do. It heals and repairs damaged cells […] It’s more efficient than any other form of antioxidant because it smothers the free radicals.

“Unlike creams, which tend to sit on the epidermis i.e. the surface and just lubricate the outer layers, cellulose is easily absorbed by the skin.”

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Image Credit Attribution: PreechaTH/iStock/Thinkstock