07 December 2012

Clinics in the Afghan capital of Kabul have seen an increase in the number of women seeking plastic surgery. AFP reports that in the past, these clinics were primarily used to treat women with war wounds, or those who had resorted to self-harm because of their inferior roles in such a male dominated society.However, this is beginning to change and women now feel as though they want to improve their appearance. While nose jobs are the most popular operation, breast enhancement, tummy tucks and facelifts are some of the other surgeries that are frequently performed. Speaking to AFP, 53-year-old Dr Aminullah Hamkar, who runs a clinic in Kabul, said: Ten years ago it was all about repairing scars. When I sometimes ask the young people who come here why they want cosmetic operations, they simply say they want to look better and beautiful. Although the average nose surgery costs around $300, which is more than a months salary for many Afghans, a growing sector of middle class families has emerged since the Taliban regime was ousted 11 years ago, meaning more people can afford treatment. Read the full story here: