15 November 2013

Surgeon marking up woman patientA leading American Cosmetic Surgery specialist has outlined the list of essential requirements which anyone looking to undergo treatment should look for in their surgeon. Dr James Marsh says that a first check should be that they have undergone the full programme of training needed to gain accreditation from the appropriate national regulatory body in America this is the American Board of Plastic Surgery, in the UK the General Medical Council (GMC). In both countries, obtaining this accreditation takes several years. Another surgeon, Dr John Strausser, based in Sarasota, California, suggests that patients should always ask their surgeon how many times they have carried out their procedure of interest.Dr Alyssa Shulman, another practitioner, pointed out: "Many specialise in certain body areas". Likening Cosmetic Surgery to an art form, she recommends to patients: "You may want to see [your surgeon's] portfolio, when it comes to plastic surgery it's really about how it looks." The Harley Medical Group only employs Cosmetic Surgeons who are GMC-registered, whose work is overseen by the company's own Medical Advisory Committee, whose role is to ensure continuing high standards of work, patient care and safety. In addition, all its Cosmetic Surgeons maintain a logbook of their work, which they are happy to show to prospective patients.