11 April 2013

Liposuction surgeryHere at Harley Medical Group, we have recently spotlighted the growing trend for undergoing cosmetic surgery which is sweeping through India's new, prosperous young generation. And prominent Indian news and gossip website has covered the topic, issuing a handy checklist to help people decide whether any type of plastic surgery is suitable for them. It says cosmetic treatments are likely to be straightforward for patients who are:- in genuine need of some form of modification - in good health - confident of the abilities of their chosen surgeon - realistic in their expectations, and - sane However, it notes that surgery may not be appropriate in cases where someone is or has a history of: - diabetes - suffering from high blood pressure - any disorder involving bleeding - heart or lung disease - obesity - allergies - high cholesterol - arthritis, or - depression. The article concludes: "Plastic surgery has the power to fix your face or your body, but it cannot fix your life. Think and research before you decide to go for it."