15 December 2010

Songstress Cher is more than used to being in the spotlight, but her appearance at the London premier of Burlesque has put her in a bit of a sticky situation - due to Daily Mail snaps of her with sticky tape along her jaw line. This is a classic trick used by actresses all throughout the history of Hollywood, but it seems a strange one for Cher to be sporting in this day and age - especially as she's such a big fan of cosmetic surgery.Seriously, for someone her age she looks fantastic - can you believe she's really 64? It doesn't seem to me as though she needs to use surgical tape to pull her skin taut, especially when it's such an easily spotted secret. Marlene Dietrich is thought to have been the first star to employ the sticky trick, but seeing as the amount of options open to her were far more limited I can understand that. What I don't understand is why Cher chose tape for her big night when there are so many different non surgical solutions and cosmetic surgery options open to her. What's more, the various treatments she's had in the past have left her looking great - and I'm pretty sure the tape made little, if any, difference. Over the years, Cher is said to have had treatments such as face lifts and liposuction to help her continue looking fabulous, but it's easy to see she still works hard on her appearance too - her muscles and toned shape is evidence enough of that. I'm looking forward to seeing what she's like in Burlesque, as well as checking out Christina Aguilera's acting abilities, but I'm definitely hoping her sticky tape doesn't make a guest appearance in the movie - or ever again!